Mom's Homestyle Restaurant Through It's Food & Service Have Created Another Home Away From Home

Mom's Homestyle Restaurant Through It's Food & Service Have Created Another Home Away From Home
Mom's Homestyle native dishes simply tantalizing & finger licking Jamaican food

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate Jamaica's Golden 50th Independence At Mom's Homestyle Restaurant Ocho Rios

Jamaica is less than a month away from celebrating its Golden 50th year of Independence. The entire country has been gearing up for the national and significant event. Its activities and overall celebrations will mark a notable milestone in the country's achievements. We came a very far way and yet, have a long journey ahead of us. Lots of small, medium and large businesses are making their necessary adjustments to meet the needs of this huge celebration which is also being observed by Jamaicans and well-wishers throughout the entire world.

Mom's Homestyle Restaurant is making similar arrangements to accommodate the expected flow of patrons expected to impact our business. We as always are ready to be of recommendable service and have you enjoying the best native dishes Jamaica has to offer. Our reliable staff and its management team anxiously await your arrival.

We are located in the center of Ocho Rios very close to the Police Station and the Town Clock. We're within walking distance from most hotels and guest houses in the area. If you're driving you average traveling time will be 10mins. Mom's Restaurant will be open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as usual. We are usually open from 8:00am to 10:00pm. During this festive season we will adjust or business hours to suit our customers’ needs. All our usual dishes will be available and more. Please note that if your party is large exceeding four persons, we recommend that you call and make reservations so we may adjust our seating to keep your party close together as possible. Our servers are professional and will have you in and out within reasonable time. There are no restrictions as to how you may choose to acknowledge our servers.

The restaurant now has its Facebook and Blog pages. You're encouraged to visit and subscribe to these pages and share your experiences with others. This gesture is one of our greatest incentives. We love to get and hear the feedbacks from our dear customers. We will never forget how far we have journeyed over the years; neither will we forget the consistent support of our loyal and returning customers. Our restaurant stands by its name "Mom's" as it was established by a very special mother and has continued over the years to portray her loving and caring characteristics. Moms Homestyle Restaurant is your other home away from home. Mom's is looking forward to seeing you soon.

Endorsed by: Management Team & Staff

Business ph#: (your country area code)-876-974-2811

Email(s): or

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Important Information About Mom's Homestyle Restaurant, Ocho Rios, JA. W.I.

Mom's Homestyle Restaurant is located in the resort town of Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.

Mom's Restaurant is one of the very best in local and native dishes and is recommended by more than 75% of the Ocho Rios community as being the best. Mom's Homestyle Restaurant, mostly referred to as "Mom's" or "Mom's Restaurant" is actually the people's eating place of choice.

We have been in business from the early 80s and have been serving both the natives and visitors from all over the world ever since. Currently we're one of oldest, if not the oldest restaurant in the Ocho Rios area. We are the cruise ship passengers favorite eating spot. Once they make their request known to the crew mates of the ship or any of the taxi operators at the shipping pier that they need to have a real Jamaican native meal. Mom's Restaurant will definitely be their destination. Very often we have patrons from various hotels in and around the Ocho Rios area. Even in cases where the hotels are all inclusive, their guests have dine with us many time during their stay and vouch to be back. We have chosen to reserve their comments when comparing the food quality for professional reasons.

We'll be here doing what we do best which is to consistently provide the very best in good quality food, catering and hospitality service to the public. We say, "Big Thank You!" to the many patrons that have supported us over the years, both natives and foreigners, We look forward to being of continual service to you all and look forward to having new and recommended patrons.  These are some of our favorite local and native dishes listed below also our business hours, contact number and links:

Phone: 1-876-974-2811
Emails: or

Opening Days:   Mondays - Saturdays
Opening Hours: 8:00am - 11pm

Breakfast Dishes

Ackee & Saltfish {Codfish}
Ackee & Corned Pork
Curried Chicken
Brown-stewed Chicken
Brown-stewed Liver / Kidney {Cow/Oxen}
Corned Pork {Fried then cooked with vegetables}
Salt Mackerel Run-Down {Stewed in coconut Milk}
Steamed Calaloo / Cabbage {Sometimes cooked with Saltfish/Codfish}
Sides: Fried Dumplins, Boiled Bananas, Yam, Dumplins

Continental Breakfast

Omelets: Plain, Bacon, Sausage or Cheese {Combinations are available as specials}
Eggs:      Fried,Scrambled {regular, medium or over-easy}
Eggs:     Fried or Scrambled with Bacon, Sausages or Cheese {combination are available as specials}
Sides: Toasts {Regular White / Wheat Bread, Fried Dumplins}

Hot Cups

Coffee {Jamaican Brand: Mountain Peak}
Teas: Green, Cocoa, Pepper Mint, Ginger, Ginger-Mint, Cerasee & More
Others: Milo

Cold juices a & Drinks

Juices:            {Orange, Passion, Apple, June-Plum, Carrot, Sour-Sop, Star Fruit}
Fruit Punch     {Papaya, Ripe Bananas & Pineapple ingredients} 
Bottle Sodas:  {Pepsi, Orange, Grape, Pineapple, Champagne, Ginger Beer, Diet Pepsi & More}
Bottle Water:   {Natural Spring}  

Lunch & Dinner Dishes 

Brown-stewed: Oxtail, Fish, Chicken, Pork
Chicken:           Jerked, Baked, Fried, Curried
Other:               Cow-foot & broad beans

Special Dishes

Lobster:  Curried Rundown {with coconut milk}, Curried, Garlic
Shrimp:   Curried Rundown {with coconut milk}, Curried, Garlic